Closer School Review

Closer School is for anyone who wants to master the art of sales, closing, and persuasion that wants to produce more for themselves and their companies. Doesn't matter what you do for a living, you will need to know how to sell, close, persuade, and create influence to have success in your life.

Brad Lea's Masterclass on Sales & Closing.

“The Real” Brad Lea has closed over 800 massive deals from companies such as GM, UFC, Tony Robbins and so much more and now he is ready to teach you to do the same.

What Exactly Is Closer School?

In my opinion Closer School is highly recommended if you want to master sales and closing. It is so much more than just a masterclass on how to sell.

It’s a way of life empowering you with the most powerful closing and persuasion techniques and applying them in every area of your life and business. Presented by master closer and LightSpeedVT CEO, Brad Lea.

Next Level Training Technology

I’m a lifelong learner and have followed several online programs, but the learning environment of Closer School exceeds them all. Designed to provide you the best way to maximize your learning to become a master in closing.

Closer School Review

“Training isn’t something you did. It’s something you do.”

Closer School Review

A great opportunity!

If you have read my blog about Skills you need to succeed than you know that one of the skills that I will master is Sales & Closing. I do this by reading, listening and studying sales and closing books, and practicing with real prospects.

I believe when you want to become a master in sales & closing you need to learn from the best, from the ones who already are successful in sales and willing to learn you everything they know.

That’s why Closer School is a great opportunity because you get trained by Brad Lea the man behind the training solution company LightSpeedVT with over 40-years of sales and closing experience.

In Closer School you will learn everything you need to know A-Z when it comes to learning how to sell, close, persuade, and create influence.

LIVE weekly calls

You can get all your business & life questions answered by Brad and his team of experts. You will get access to the weekly live video calls and previous live sessions.

Closer School Live Review

Private Community

You will get access to the private Facebook community. Where you can network with other like-minded individuals and build valuable relationships, and get all your sales & closing questions answered.

Learn From the Guy Who Closed the Guy
Who Taught You to Close

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