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Our interactive virtual training software allows you to quickly deploy a web-based, scalable and fully trackable training program almost overnight. When training is done right, it is the single most important investment any company can make.


Train People Better

Why It Matters

Train People Better LightSpeedVT


If your people don’t like it, they won’t use it! If they won’t use it, it won’t work.


People learn through repetition. Our system is designed to maximize learning through engagement.

Easy to Use

We know you have a lot on your plate. Our “Just Add Training” solution allows you to create, roll out and use almost overnight! No headaches. No fuss. No muss.

How We Can Help

Increase Profitability ⋅ Reduce Turnover ⋅ Increase Customer Satisfaction ⋅ Streamline Operations

The Best System

Our interactive virtual training software is specifically designed with user experience in mind.

The Best Minds

Our team is experienced at helping you create the most engaging and effective training solution in the world!

The Best Services

From production to eCommerce and from marketing to IT support, we’ve got you covered. LightSpeed VT has all of the services you need under the roof.

Software Features

Our fully interactive online training software offers more than most online training software or LMS. You’ll get an unbeatable training strategy that’s backed by over two decades of experience. Scroll down to learn how our multiple features and scalable system combine to deliver a powerful training solution to meet all your needs.


The central feature of your System is the robust and flexible Training center. This all-in-one online training software is loaded with engaging features, a user-friendly interface, and our unique, interactive video courseware.

Rich Communication Tools

With Direct Messaging, a shared Calendar, and Discussion Forums, users feel like they’re a part of a bigger community. These tools also allow you to get audience feedback so that you can take the pulse of what works and what doesn’t.

Dynamic Testing

Dynamic testing is the best measurement to learn if users actually retain your training, as well as where you might expand to offer more down the road. Our online training software allows you to create various testing types, from “multiple choice” to “drag-and-drop”—with extensive reporting on each.

Diverse Content

Presenting information in a variety of formats doesn’t just keep users interested—it allows users to better understand each topic. Beyond interactive video, our online training software allows you to strategically customize your content. Choose between HTML5, SCORM, PDF and more.

Interactive Video

Our exclusive interactive video training increases knowledge retention by simulating the roleplay aspect of a live workshop or training session. The resulting user experience drives engagement up and retention which, in turn, increases your revenue.

You’ve invested time and thought to develop a brand that spells out your company’s values and promise—shouldn’t your LMS display those as well? Our system is essentially a blank slate, fully customizable to represent your company identity.

Your Brand

Your logo, the language, and the color scheme all come together to communicate who you are and what you do. Do you need to train for more than one user groups? Our flexible system can be used to create multiple virtual locations, each delivering unique, on-brand user experiences from color schemes down to visual content details.

Your Voice

Every communication you send can help build a relationship with your learners. From a welcome email when they sign up to a notification that they’ve been assigned new training, the ability to customize every communication is a powerful tool for connecting with learners and making sure they return.

Your Rules

Create specific learning pathways for the learner to ensure they see only relevant content. With our system user hierarchy, you can create learning pathways for different groups of users, from the entire company down to specific individuals, and just about every other combination in between!

You’ll have access to all of our extensive reporting tools that can be filtered and sorted by a wide variety of options, giving you some of the most in-depth reporting and tracking features you’ll get with any LMS.

Comprehensive Usage Analytics

Create insightful and actionable reports when and where you need them! You’ll have access to extensive user data that can be filtered and sorted by a wide variety of options, allowing you to gain insights and improve your learner’s success.

Automated Reporting

Our system allows you to customize reports to include the most relevant data to you, from updates on individual users to a comprehensive look at audience trends. Reports are automatically generated and sent out via email or SMS to keep you informed.

Training Expectations

The ability to send out reminders are an essential way to achieve high training compliance rates. LightSpeed VT helps your users stay on track with automatic emails notifying of upcoming deadlines, as well as the rollout of new features, or added content.

The VT System is mobile friendly and responsive for learners so that they can access it from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Responsive Design

Facilitate learning anywhere! Your system features a fully responsive design that looks as good on a mobile device or tablet as it does on laptops and desktops.


Roll out training across multiple regions quickly and effortlessly. With multiple languages available you can instantly train customers, partners, and employees anywhere.


Frequently performed tasks are designed to be straightforward with our companion mobile app. The smooth and consistent user experience keeps your learners engaged and on track.

We offer an all-in-one solution to get you up and running in no time! The Virtual Training System is an enterprise-level, hosted turnkey solution that goes way beyond your traditional LMS.

Cloud-Based Solution

Avoid server or hosting hassles with cloud hosting that instantly scales to meet your user and usage needs. Your data is backed up multiple times daily, while our servers are routinely tested to ensure our uptime remains in excess of 99.99%.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) enables your learners to link directly from an intranet or corporate network to their personal eLearning portal without having to log in again and again. We can configure yours in minutes so you don’t have to.

Multiple Locations

Locations are custom learning environments for different categories of learners, such as by team, partner, or customer. Each location gets its own unique website address to access, and can even be branded with a different look and feel.


Easily sell your online courses and expert content through your own fully-branded storefront! Our system can be integrated with your existing payment gateway, allowing you to provide a secure and easy to use shopping cart experience to your customers.

API Access

Our system two-way API can be used to create users pulled from third-party web applications, add them to user groups or locations, as well as enroll them in courses and extract user and course completion data back to a 3rd party system.

Dedicated Support

We put the customer experience at the heart of everything we do. Access our extensive online knowledge base, phone support with extended hours, and live chat for your Administrators and end users to ensure no problem goes unsolved.


Unlimited content, unlimited users, unlimited possibilities.

Interactive Landing Pages

Provide marketing and sales opportunities to promote your products and gather analytics.


Access over a 100,000 hours of content from the leading industry experts.

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